Triton Textile has SA 8000 certified staff employed in all offices, supported by full teams. A set of requirements to social compliance must be fulfilled by all vendors:

Child Labor
No Child labor is accepted. “Child” is defined as someone below the age of having completed compulsory education in the country of employment or below the age of 15 years.

Forced Labor
No forced labor is accepted. “Forced Labor” is defined as prison labor, slavery, any person compelled to violence, intimidation or forced to work under penalty for non-performance.

Disciplinary Measures
No physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment and/or abuse or coercion shall be in place. Workers shall be treated with respect and dignity.

Vendors shall base the employment of the workers solely on their skills, irrelevant of race, caste, skin color, gender, religious belief, political opinion, physical disability, ethnic-, national- or social back ground, nationality or sexual orientation.

Working Hours
The working hours, regular and overtime, shall not exeed legal limits and the workers shall not be required to work overtime in excess of legal limit in any case. The workers shall have the right to refuse working overtime.

All wages and benefits must be paid, at a minimum, in compliance with applicable law. Any overtime must be compensated according to the national regulations.

Freedom of Association
The workers right to form and join unions and organziations of their choice and to bargain collectively, must be respected. Any disciplinary actions against any workers in joining peacefully and lawfully are forbidden.

Health & Safety
Vendors shall maintain a clean, safe and healthy working environment in compliance with local laws and regulations. All workers must have proper access to fire escapes.

Bribery & Corruption
The vendor agrees not to enter into any kind of bribery or corruption with any individual representing Triton Textile or any of its Principals. Where gifts are presented in adherence to a country’s individual customs or etiquette, it shall be ensured that such gifts do not lead to obligatory dependencies.

Chemical- & Technical Compliance
As a minimum we work according to EU standards / laws. If a principal may have requirements exceeding the EU standards, such requirements will be followed accordingly.

Triton Textile is providing professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production in the most competitive markets in Asia.
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