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Why Choose Us?

Triton Textile is providing professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production in the most competitive markets in Asia. Triton Textile will give the customer instant access to the benefits of representing an annual buying volume in excess of 60 million pcs of ready-made garment. To ensure customer satisfaction, we work on a key account basis, so individual customer demands are understood, and followed from the time of developing samples until the ready-made garment is loaded into the container.
We do much more than just take initiative.
We are motivated to create, think, and execute in new ways.
We dedicate ourselves to under-standing what our customers want.
The customer always win with the right price and quality level.

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Why Triton Textile?

garment sourcing offices in Asia for more than 40 years.
in excess of 60 mio pcs of garment annually.
more than 150 dedicated staff in Asia.
with more than 90 garment factories in Asia.
Customer base
of private labels, retailers, brands, importers and mail order companies.
Code of conduct
ensuring ethical outsourcing of your garment production.


Competent in all aspects of textile manufacture

Since the early 1960s, Triton Textile has provided customers with the widest range of textile and apparel outsourcing services through centrally located offices across Asia.

Triton Textile is today headquartered in Hong Kong at the heart of Asia from where we constantly reassess our focus towards the most competitive sourcing markets.
We also have an extensive network of offices in China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia that allows us to provide a comprehensive array of fine fabrics and apparel services from sourcing and development to contracting and logistics services.

Team up with Triton Textile and take advantage of our 40 years of established business experience and deep ties with the Asia’s garment business.


Corporate Values


We do much more than just take initiative… our results are born from the prudent decisions we make. This enables us to override our personal feelings and focus solely on values, and as a values-driven company we make things happen...!


We are motivated to create, think, and execute in new ways. We take efficiency to far higher levels than our competitors...


We dedicate ourselves to understanding what our customers want. We then act as professional experts on their behalf with their suppliers. We are dedicated to realising our customers’ outsourcing goals in Asia...


Our Products

Your solid partner in Asia for the best product achievable, assuring quality, compliance and customer service.

Brand Strategy

We are a leading buying agent in Asia with internal social and chemical compliance departments.
We offer professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production.

Creative Design

Our design, research and development department can assist you with trend forecasting, product design, fabric and trim development, and research and knowledge of what is currently popular in the retail and catwalk markets.

Innovative Sourcing

With headquarters in Hong Kong at the heart of Asia, Triton Textile provides comprehensive textile sourcing services to the fashion industry in the West, serving as the interface to producers in Asia.

Certified Textiles

Building a transparent, sustainable supply chain

Triton Textile stands for transparent, fair working conditions. We manufacture clothing that respects the environment and people and takes responsibility.
That's why we are personally on site with our manufacturers in Asia - exchanging ideas, monitoring and check the high standards of our certified textiles.
Over the years, together with our producers, we have created products of high quality materials and a sophisticated, modern design.
OEKO_TEX Made in Green
Global Organic Textile Standard
Global Recycled Standard

Excite through excellence – win through speed.
Acting responsibly through knowledge and sustainability.

It is our goal to attain and retain our customers through excellent services along the entire supply chain.
We strive to be one step ahead in terms of innovation and reliability. 
Our aim is to build long-term and trusting partnerships with both our employees as well as our valued business partners.
We want to use our resources responsibly and understand that our decisions today have an important impact on our world of tomorrow.
We respect the values of other cultures and do not judge without knowing and understanding these respective cultural contexts.

Triton Textile is providing professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production in the most competitive markets in Asia.
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