Your solid partner in Asia for the best product achievable,
assuring quality, compliance and customer service

Triton Textile is providing professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production in the most competitive markets in Asia.

Triton Textile, will give the customer instant access to the benefits of representing an annual buying volume in excess of 60 million pcs of ready-made garment.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we work on a key account basis, so individual customer demands are understood, and followed from the time of developing samples until the ready-made garment is loaded into the container.

Corporate Values
All our staff work according to a set of clearly defined corporate values: Proactive, Innovative & Dedicated
Our vast Asian office network allows us to advise you on which country is most suitable for manufacturing your products. The customer always win with the right price and quality level.

Bangladesh for men, ladies & children:

China for men, ladies & children:

Indonesia for men, ladies & children:

Social & Chemical Compliance
Triton Textile Ltd is a leading Buying Agent in Asia, with internal Social & Chemical Compliance Departments working with requirements for continuous and sustainable accountability to better protect the health, safety and fundamental rights of all staff employed by the supply partners, and to enhance the community and environment in which they operate.

Each of the Triton Textile offices have Compliance Departments headed by SA-8000 lead auditors. In addition to the compliance teams, we also utilize our quality control teams to monitor the manufacturers on a day to day basis, Any irregularities are reported back to the Compliance Departments for necessary action to be taken.

Detox Campaign introduced by Greenpeace is among the compliance requirements from our principals.

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